I’m ready for a baby: now what?

I’m ready for a baby: now what?

So you’ve decided to begin trying for pregnancy. Congratulations! Welcoming a new baby into your family is an exciting prospect.

Getting pregnant can be trickier than many people expect, so try not to stress if pregnancy doesn’t happen right away. It might be daunting to hear there’s only a 20% chance of pregnancy each month, but there’s good news: 80% of couples will conceive within the first 6 months of trying.

To get healthy and feel prepared, there are important steps you can take before you begin:

  • Talk to your partner about being ready to have a baby, and about the changes a baby will have on your life
  • Make lifestyle changes that can help protect the health of you and your future baby
  • Understand how fertility works to maximize your chance of success each month
  • Determine when you’re most fertile using ovulation tracking methods that allow you to time intercourse more accurately
  • Talk with your doctor about genetic risk to see if genetic counseling is a good choice for you

Choosing to begin the journey to parenthood is a big deal. Once you feel prepared, remember to enjoy yourself as you embark on this new chapter in your life.