Using donor eggs, sperm, or embryos to achieve parenthood


Parenthood can still be possible, even when natural conception is not. Your age, the type of relationship you’re in, and the reproductive health of you and your partner are just some of the reasons you may need outside help on your fertility journey. Whatever your story, using a donor may be the right choice for you.

Today’s donor egg, sperm, and embryo options give you many choices. You may choose a donor who is known to you, or one who is anonymous. Profiles allow you to match characteristics like ethnicity, hair color, eye color, or height in order to conceive a child that more closely matches your personal attributes. And once your donor is selected, you have the option of whether you want them to remain in your and your future child’s lives.

While you may not have envisioned this path to create your family, donor options can help you move forward on your path to parenthood.

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